17 juillet 2015

Jung Yong Hwa on 20th June 2015 at Tianmu Sports Complex (Taipei, TAIWAN)

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Jung Yong Hwa - One Fine Day
Tianmu Sports Complex (Taipei)

By hearing the name of "Jung Yong Hwa", you may probably think to the leader, main vocalist and guitarist of CNBLUE, South Korean band produced by FNC Entertainment. Since he debuted in 2009, Jung Yong Hwa works as CNBLUE’s member by composing almost all the songs. In the same time, he endorses various roles in Korean dramas. But this year, Jung Yong Hwa also debuted as solo artist, revealing his true emotional and melancholic side, different from CNBLUE’s colours. Last January, Jung Yong Hwa released his first album, 어느 멋진 날 (One Fine Day), which contains collaborations and various songs; sweet ballads, pop-rock and R’n’B tracks… We can finally say that this album has an eclectic side.

Following the successful promotion in South Korea, Jung Yong Hwa embarked for his first solo tour in Asia to offer One Fine Day to his fans, Boice, and especially Emotional Angels (it’s the name given to Jung Yong Hwa’s fans). After Seoul, Jung Yong Hwa performed in Japan, China, Thailand, and more, all concluded with a big success. On June 20th, Taiwanese fans had the opportunity to see the singer at Taipei Tianmu Sports Complex, in Taiwan.
The big hall where Jung Yong Hwa was going to perform later was crowded by many fans from Taipei (of course) but also from Korea, Japan, Malaysia… On the merchandise stands, including the official stand (if you wanted to buy all the items you want, you had to queue early morning), you could buy various goods as T-shirts, lightsticks, fans, key chains and more.

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At 6 o'clock, everyone queued according to ticket's number before entering in the hall. During waiting time, we could hear as background music good songs from Bon Jovi, Muse, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5… All the best musical influences of the star of the night. Micro stand designed with Jung Yong Hwa’s album logo was waiting at the centre of the stage in front of the stairs leading to the elevated platform. There were three widescreens and musicians’ instruments as well.

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Concert was about to start at 7 o’clock. Lights turned off and bright white lightsticks turned on. A nice and sweet music started while Jung Yong Hwa's logo was appearing on the screen. This mysterious long intro has been stopped; everyone in the hall was deeply quiet and didn't dare saying anything. The intro finally started again and Jung Yong Hwa appeared upstairs on stage, wearing a flaming red jacket.

Concert began with 니가 없어도 (Without You) from his album. You immediately realize that what describes most Jung Yong Hwa is: an irresistible charm, funny and cute facial expressions, and unlimited flying kisses. Yong Hwa was going to make everyone dream with this romantic beginning.

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He came after on the centre of stage, asked to everyone to make noise and sang Cruel Memories. As previously told, Jung Yong Hwa’s album features various collaborations. However, during concert, Yong Hwa is alone on stage. So, Cruel Memories is performed without Yoon Do Hyun from YB, Mileage without YDG, but to compensate this absence, Yong Hwa imitated his voice and acted like him, and 원기옥 (Energy) without Verbal Jint. The only one collaboration that Taipei got the opportunity to watch tonight was Checkmate with JJ Lin! The two singers sang together with energy, showing their strong friendship. Fans joined by screaming and waving their lightsticks.

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Jung Yong Hwa also increased the power to reach the Top of the World with Ryu Can Do It, new version of One Time. We could hear the strength of Yong Hwa’s voice during this song. However without guitar riffs of Jong Hyun, the track is less rock and less intense than usual. But this is also Yong Hwa’s personal color put on CNBLUE’s songs. All the tracks were rearranged or mixed together tonight. Yong Hwa always does a complete and perfect work. Even if he writes and composes almost all CNBLUE’s songs, he adds his own style. We almost believed he was performing news songs. Can't Stop / I’m Sorry / Lady medley was difficult to recognize at the beginning. In any case, we still could appreciate the bewitching melancholy of Can’t Stop, the amazing energy of I’m Sorry and the dancing craziness of Lady. That medley was really awesome and everyone in the hall stood up and jumped. But there was a more surprising track: feeling. First part was played at the piano and at the chorus the rhythm changed and become more quickly. It was mixed with a part of Uptown funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.

But Yong Hwa didn't want to stop making surprises and performed another songs that were not his own or CNBLUE's songs. He sang Payphone from Maroon 5 and Treasure from Bruno Mars. He danced with energy and sensuality. His sexy dancing skills and his killer smile incredibly increased the power of the screams. Lover and ladykiller Yong Hwa!

Yong Hwa didn't play guitar at all tonight, but he offered a sweet ballad session by playing on the keyboards 마지막 잎새 (Last Leaf) et Like A Child. And at that moment, you realize other facts about Yong Hwa: this guy sings with all his overflowing emotions and he has an aura more than attractive! Widescreens showed in the same time wonderful animations which reflected Yong Hwa's own feeling while composing as he confessed to us right after.

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The atmosphere changed again when he said "You need energy, I will give you some." while acting like he was creating a ball of energy (Kamehameha?). He always knows how the make us laugh. Let's talk about energy. He's always full of energy, adding humor and a big smile. Not having his guitar enabled him to move all over the stage and interact with fans. He often spoke with them in Chinese, Korean or English. He was joking much, sometimes he stopped singing or acted like he has lost his voice or screamed "Are you ready" before adding "Wait… Water time" while drinking water. Funny Yong Hwa!

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Another surprise for tonight! Yong Hwa’s birthday celebration (originally on June 22)! JJ Lin came on stage with a birthday cake and everybody sang happy birthday in Korean. Yong Hwa showed at that moment a surprised and happy face. Fan projects have been prepared for this event; people in standing zone wore a Bart Simpson mask and the ones in seating held white and red banners. So from the stage, we could read « ♥ YH 해피 27 ♥ » (♥ YH Happy 27 ♥ ).

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After wishes and thanks, Yong Hwa continued the show with You've fallen for me. Everyone waved red heart in paper with Yong Hwa's logo and also many small hearts in paper fell down on stage. Finally, Goodnight Lover closed the main set with loud cheers while Yong Hwa was going to the backstage.

To ask for an encore, fans clapped their hands while saying "One Fine Day". Yong Hwa came back on stage, wearing white T-shirt and jacket with the word "WHITE" written on the back. This last part of the live started slowly with 27 years while widescreens showed pictures of the singer from his childhood to now. With a bang, he performed a more energetic version of Love Light. Yong Hwa went to meet his fans in the standing zone and everyone there moved to try to be closer to him. The true last song was of course 어느 멋진 날 (One Fine Day). Much confetti fell down. There was so much confetti that we couldn't see properly the stage anymore. Yong Hwa greeted and thanked the audience and left definitely the stage.

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For more than two hours, Yong Hwa made an amazing show with various colors, showing that his music has many different sides, especially thanks to his voice which fit well with rock songs and ballad as well. Jung Yong Hwa is a great showman. One of a kind man, he knows how to captivate us and make a wonderful show, proving that stage is his area.
Maybe the fact that Yong Hwa started as solo artist and performed alone with a strong team of talented musicians could be a bit weird for some people. However, there are no reasons. Yong Hwa as solo artist and CNBLUE have different colors. Even if he's always winking to his group, Yong Hwa has his own style and a character different from CNBLUE's good leader.
This Jung Yong Hwa concluded another one successful concert, followed by the performance in Guangzhou one week after. The Asia tour will end by the two days performances again in Seoul, titled One More Fine Day on July 18th and 19th.


니가 없어도 (Without You)
Cruel Memories
Ryu Can Do It
Checkmate (feat. JJ Lin)
-JJ Lin performance-
마지막 잎새 (Last Leaf)
Like A Child
원기옥 (Energy)
Can’t Stop
I’m Sorry
Man in front of the Mirror
-Birthday Celebration-
You’ve fallen for me
Goodnight Lover


27 Years
Star, You
Love light
어느 멋진 날 (One Fine Day)

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