12 septembre 2014

CNBLUE on 9th August 2014 at Stadium Negara (Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA)

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It was less than one year after CNBLUE's first concert in Malaysia, as part of BLUE MOON World Tour, making true the dream of 10 000 Boices. This August 9, 2014, the boys kept their words with another concert at Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur for Can't Stop tour that has been launched on April in Seoul, South Korea.

Even if that day the sun was shining and weather was very hot, Boices that arrived early morning at the venue could count on the generosity of the members of the local fanclub CNBLUEBEAT who distributed for free food and water while we were able to hear from outside the rehearsal and soundcheck of the concert which was going to be held few hours later.

When the doors opened, fans rushed to enter in the hall and get the best place available. One last hour left before the concert. People waited with excitement by listening the best of Bon Jovi and Coldplay in background music and approximately at 7:30pm, a Staff member of IME Productions, the organizer of the event, came on stage to ask to the audience to scream loud for the band ready to start.

Few minutes later, the hall became dimmed and the blue ocean began to shine thanks to switched on lightsticks. Intro rock music started and a mysterious clock appeared on the main widescreen, the same as the one we can see on the cover of the EP Can't Stop, name also given to this tour. In accordance with the rhythm of the music, clock's needles rotated more and more quickly until we could read the words “Can't STOP”.

© IME Productions

At that moment, the boys entered together on stage to launch the show with the Korean version of Time is Over from Japan Best Album PRESENT. Flames spurted out during the chorus and Yonghwa was already exhibiting his ladykiller side by showing his muscular arms while singing the lyrics “I have grown stronger”. The atmosphere in the venue became very hot at the beginning, wasn't it ladies?

The following track was Diamond Girl, from the last Korean EP Can't Stop. During that song, Boices accomplished their first fanproject by singing together the chorus. After doing a food support in the queue, Malaysian fans realized simple and nice projects like some we could notice at the previous stops. There were lips masquerade for Try Again, Smile Again, and STOP cardboard sign “CNBLUE can't STOP Boice never STOP” during Can't Stop. Boices made a good job to express their live and support to the band, but let me tell you now how the band that never stops also made that night so memorable.

First, the set list. CODE NAME MUSIC. During more than two hours of show, CNBLUE played various pop/rock songs and smooth ballads. Some of them were exceptionally rearranged like Intuition and also I'm A Loner which a part was sung a cappella with the audience. Sharp and rythmic solos assured a perfect transition between each track.
By one side, we discovered, as we could expect from this tour, the songs from Can't Stop, which are more catching in live. For example, Cold Love dumped an emotions wave as Yonghwa expressed strong feelings when he was singing. Same for Like A Child. Actually, it's difficult to describe how beautiful are these two songs. Jonghyun also marveled the crowd when he performed Sleepless Night.
By other side, we appreciated the more rock tracks from Japanese discography originally but re-written in Korean, like Robot, that showed a guitar sound more heavy. Regarding ballads, My Miracle and Greedy Man made their effect, even if English versions are more enjoyable. Finally, we have to mention the famous tracks I’m Sorry and Lady that made the atmosphere more intense and turned the stadium into a true nightclub.

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That eclectic set list was amplified by a well worked stage production and pyrotechnie. CODE NAME SHOW. Fireworks for Time is Over, laser beams for Robot, flamethrowers for In My Head, raining confetti for Like A Child. Incredibly a pleasure for the eyes and for the ears. The extensions stage also made happy Boices in the standing area (named ROCK ZONE).

That stage where CNBLUE members enjoyed the performance. CODE NAME ATTITUDE. While Jonghyun and Jungshin were moving on the extensions sides, Yonghwa came in the centre of the crowd to sing and play solos.
Each member, no matter their personality, as different as they are, gave its best at every show. Untouchable Jungshin, discreet but always here to heat the audience and sing sometimes with Yonghwa. Not only a good rapper, the bassist and maknae is an approved good vocalist too. Despite he was often hidden behind his drums, Lovely Minhyuk smiled from the beginning to the end. Burning Jonghyun didn't smile more that him but ladies couldn't stop focusing on him when he was singing ballads with full of passion. His amazing guitar skills and his melodious voice charmed everyone in the hall. These days and Blind Love are proofs. And, Emotional leader Yonghwa, incredible showman who always know how to amuse and turn crazy the spectators. The beat box to introduce LOVE, fanservice sessions with flying kisses, solos and impromptu songs especially for Malaysia... And special bonus during Try Again, Smile Again, the sudden “transformation” into Park Dalhyang for a short swordplay demo. (NOTE: Yonghwa is currently filming for tvN drama The Three Musketeers as Park Dalhyang.)

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In addition to this presence and interaction with the fans, the members took some breaks to introduce themselves and talk in English or Bahasa Malay. “What's up Malaysia? Kami ialah CNBLUE!” (“We are CNBLUE!”) “Are you having fun?!” An approach and a communication that everyone liked and replied by loud screams.

Of course, what would have been this concert without the long awaited Can't Stop? Finally after almost around twenty songs, Yonghwa sat down behind the keyboards and started to play the melody. Magic happened when fans began to sing together the first verse and the chorus. The leader was immediately touched and asked to continue. “Sing with me” and under fireworks and blinding lights, CNBLUE and Boices became one, making that moment one of the most outstanding and sensational of the concert. CODE NAME MAGIC.

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CNBLUE came back on stage for a short but intense encore with Wake Up and LOVE GIRL to extend the party time and finally end by a sweet note with Love Light. To show their gratitude, Boices showed a last message on banners “다시만나서 완전 좋아요” (“It's really good to see you again”). Yes, and we hope it won't be the last time. At their turn, the boys thanked and greeted the audience at each extension stage and took a picture. The last words came from Yonghwa: “Promise, we will come back”. We won't forget your words, Leader.

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For Boices who attended, this concert will stay unforgettable and emotional. And if for many of them it was not the first, surprise effect didn't miss. Every new concert of CNBLUE is a new experience as members' live performance and charisma are better at each new one. Since their debuts in the streets of Tokyo, the four Korean boys grew up and are now able to surprise their fans and share their passion for music. Just MUSIC. Fireworks, flamethrower, confetti and a rocking opening. It was a good stage production for a band which performed with energy. CNBLUE don't stop. CNBLUE can't stop. CNBLUE never stop. Next step and probably the last of this tour: the concert in Manila on September, 19th.


Time is Over (KR)
Diamond Girl
직감 (Intuition)
These Days (KR)
My Miracle (KR)
Blind Love (KR)
독한 사랑 (Cold Love)
Robot (KR)
In My Head (KR)
Greedy Man (KR)
잠 못 드는 밤 (Sleepless Night)
Let Me Know (KR)
외톨이야 (I’m a Loner)
Coffee Shop
I’m Sorry
Lady (KR)
Try Again, Smile Again
Can’t Stop
아이의 노래 (Like A Child)


Wake Up
사랑 빛 (Love Light)

Please find the French version of this live report by clicking on the image above!
English version also written for CNBLUESTORM (link coming soon).

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