7 avril 2014

Interview with heidi.

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Before starting its first European tour Fly high!!, including the final at La Java, Paris, on April 20, heidi. took time to answer to our questions. Looking forward to meet their European fans, members talked about their carreer, music and experiences. Here is finally the report of this interview!

Hello heidi.. Thank you for accepting to reply to this interview. Could you first introduce yourself?
heidi.: Hi everybody. We are heidi.! It’s Yoshihiko on vocals. Nao is playing guitar. On bass it’s Kohsuke. And heidi.’s drums are rocked by Kiri.

You said "heidi."'s name was chosen because of his sonority. There is another meaning you give to this name after 8 years of activity?
heidi.: Unfortunately, no, even after 8 years we still didn’t find a good explanation or meaning for the band name. (laughs)

How did you get the desire to do music and create heidi. ?
heidi.: In any case, it was our love to make music as a band and the urge to sing no matter what that led us to the point we have reached today as heidi..

Since your debuts, you become stronger and grew together. How can you imagine to become even better as heidi.?
heidi.: There wouldn’t be a point in continuing if we don’t progress, right? So we will continue to walk forward, to improve ourselves and to grow bigger. heidi. will get better and better in the future too!

You often describe heidi.'s style as melancholy. Is it a choice that you have decided to give to heidi. or is it a natural choice due to your personalities?
heidi.: It’s simply because we like it. (laughs)

What are your feelings regarding your upcoming European Tour “Fly High!”? Are you looking forward to it?
heidi.: Of course we are really looking forward to it. We will enjoy our lives – and also the days off!

Yoshihiko, you recently confessed you were anxious about the language barrier in Europe. How will you prepare yourself? Do the other members have a particular fear?
Yoshihiko: Actually, I didn’t really do any preparations. (laughs) It’s just that heidi.’s music will be able to reach out to everyone’s heart and with that, with our music and our sound we will be able to convey our feelings to all the people from Europe!

Many Japanese people are still curious about France and its culture. What about you? Are you looking forward to discover our country? Why?
heidi.: We really enjoy going to all the places which we haven’t been to before. So during this tour we will be able to discover many many new things.

On April 20th there will be the FINAL of your European Tour. Have you planned something special?
heidi.: Just be looking forward to it~♪

In June, you'll perform for your 8th Anniversary Live. When you started your career, did you expect to celebrate one day your 8th Anniversary as heidi.? What are the things you’re most proud of?
heidi.: We are really proud that we are still in the same line-up. No member change in 8 years! And our fans are simply the best!

heidi. already gained experience in US. What have you learned? Are you going to test for this European tour?
heidi.: The fans are so upbeat, free. That's why we also want to become more open and free on stage than we are during our concerts in Japan. We will just act feely the way we want to without thinking much.

What are the countries where you would like to perform soon?
heidi.: Wherever we have not been yet before!!

Could you reveal more details about the concept of your next album "Human", which will be released in May?
heidi.: It’s an album made out of all our experiences and love from the last 8 years as a band. Without being bound on hard riffs only, this album is created with our treasured melodies that make heidi.’s music special.

What are your projects for the future?
heidi.: For the moment, we plan to take part of a summer festival (Natsu Matsuri)!

Thank you very much for your replies. To finish, could you leave a message to your French fans?
heidi.: Thanks for reading this interview until the end! ♪ Let’s meet at one of our lives. We are waiting for you.

Many thanks to heidi. and Andri Reiketsukan (Kanzen Music) for this interview.

Please find the French version of this interview by clicking on the image above!

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