28 janvier 2014

UPLIFT SPICE on 21st December 2013 at Shibuya O-Crest (Tokyo, JAPAN)


After a break for two years, Japanese emo-rock band UPLIFT SPICE was back with the release of its new album faisait à ØØØ that fans were really anticipating. Since its foundation in 2005, the band always grows up slowly but surely to finally release catchy and exceptional compositions. As usual, this new album was followed by a new Japan tour. So UPLIFT SPICE was travelling toward the country for more than 30 performances. On December 21, the band held its fifth concert of ØØØ TOUR 2013-2014 at Shibuya O-Crest, Tokyo.

Taking the time to enter, buy some goods, smoking, drinking a beer (in these live houses of Shibuya-O, you have to buy a drink for 500 yens), and the audience was ready for a crazy night. Shibuya O-Crest's capacity is approximately 200 people. Compared to La Maroquinerie, hall where the band played in 2011 for its first sold out concert in Paris, it represents less than half the capacity. The popularity of the band is almost the same between the two countries and after the live later, we could only ask ourselves why such an amazing band doesn't bring more people at its shows.

The hall became dimmed and the first group to perform for the opening act entered on stage. The four members of HenLee dropped their mask and kicked off the live. Formed in 2010, HenLee recently released its first mini-album, Dance Pit Mother Fucker, including the track Are You Drunk?. The songs mixes various styles as punk, screamo and garage, making moving the audience, doing sometimes strange but joyful shuffle dance. The band played 5~6 songs with energy and for the last song, vocalist Saji asked to the crowd to be divided into two and then each part jumped and held up their arms in synchronisation with the music. No, the wall of death will be for later!

First break for fifteen minutes while staff was preparing and rearranging the instruments and people drinking at the bar. Tonight, three bands took part of the opening act for UPLIFT SPICE, and set the audience in a good mood. Very good mood.

After HenLee's performance, the atmosphere totally changed with the two following bands: a crowd of rebellion, formed in spring 2007 in Niigata prefecture, and ANGRY FROG REBIRTH, formed in 2010.
a crowd of rebellion's sound is more metal, violent and louder than the first band. There was the lead vocalist for aggressive growls and for scream powerfully, and then there was the guitarist with her melodious vocals, even if before hearing the sound of her voice, we were asking ourselves if she was really a girl. We were not sure at 100% as the musician was hiding her face behind her long black hair and acting like an man. Anyway, she (or he?!) was the most energetic and imposing member, although the others were also rocking the hall and turning crazy the audience. She jumped and headbanged everywhere on stage and she even dropped her micro. For a quintet named a crowd of rebellion, Shibuya O-Crest's stage was too small. However, the performance was successfull and the audience enjoyed doing some slams and pogos.
It was the same for ANGRY FROG REBIRTH which consists of male members only. The two singers motivated the crowd for have more fun and for do some circle pits before conclude with an almost deadly wall of death.

More than one hour of opening act to prepare the audience but also one hour of nice discoveries for those who didn't know the bands yet, and finally it was time for YOOKEY, Chiori, tovita and Kenji to enter on stage. Not surprisingly, UPLIFT SPICE started with TheHangedMan from the last album ØØØ, and the temperature increased quickly. It was the same with the following track, Minority parade, from the previous album Paradigm Shift. The night promised to be awesome!

Shibuya O-crest was caught by a frenzy atmosphere while the band was letting out a devastating wave on the crowd. UPLIFT SPICE has got incredible skills and weapons to show and played tonight with madness and fury. tovita, showing his admiration for the band Iron Maiden by wearing a T-shirt, was excited behind his drums. YOOKEY (guitar) and Kenji (bass) jumped and moved all over the stage, the bassist was a little more crazy. And of course, the female soul and the voice of the band, Chiori, was impressive. From where come such a power in her voice as she has a small size? Her one of a kind vocals are more powerful and sensational in live. She didn't hesitate to climb on the barrier to interact with the fans and headbang to their face.

The audience, who had already enjoyed three bands before, was not tired at all and was very receptive. Slam, circle pit, for boys and girls. Who said that the Japanese audience was not very energetic? UPLIFT SPICE's fans are totally crazy and don't stay static. Certainly not!

UPLIFT SPICE continued to set on fire the stage with trackls from ØØØ, like F.U.B.A.R, showing once again the amazing skills of Chiori, and U&I, completely perfect and pleasurable in live. The band also performed old famous songs and gave a rest moment with the only ballad of the set; Kūge, from Paradigm Shift album.

However, if there is something regrettable, it's the length of the concert. First because of the long opening act with three bands, the band finally played for more than one hour. And this hour had spent quickly, very quickly, as each second was a pleasure and each song an unforgettable moment. UPLIFT SPICE announced the soon end of this short night with Justice before go to the backstage. The band came back for a short but intense encore with Hanabi no Iro and greeted and left the audience kneeling but that would have been ready to restart for a ride.

As usual, UPLIFT SPICE gave a great concert thanks to its strong potential that doesn't fade. Intensity and energy didn't miss. UPLIFT SPICE keeps turning crazy its audience in live as the tour is not finished yet. Indeed, the tour will continue until April, 19, day of the final at Shibuya O-WEST. For us, European fans, we have now to hope that a new European tour will be announced after this ØØØ TOUR 2013-2014. And if it's confirmed, you won't have to miss it!

Please find the French version of this live report by clicking on the image above!

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