20 janvier 2014

Interview with Park Jung Min

He first started his career as member of the famous boysband SS501. Now, as a solo artist, Park Jung Min is getting ready to come for the first time in Europe and meet his fans during concerts with Choi Soo Min. Looking forward to meet his fans from the other side of the world, the singer has created a Facebook page that he manages himself, in order to be closer to them.
These first concerts outside Asia are a great opportunity for Parasite Scene to interview the artist. Here is the report of this interview.

How did you get the desire to be an artist?
I wanted to become an actor first when I was a teenager. But I debuted at the agency as a singer, so I started my career as a idol, after years grown up, I could finally become an artist.

Which song will you recommend to someone who doesn't know your discography? Which song represents you the most?
My songs represent me, because they filled with my feelings. For people who don't know my discography yet, they could start with Not Alone.

During the bad and difficult moments, what are your motivations?
Fans and my family are my motivations, they encourage me to be a better person, and let me understand there is nothing to fear.

What's your point of view regarding the Hallyu and its success in the world? Did you expect such a success few years ago?
There are a lot of great artist from Korea are now famous, including the Hallyu wave. And thanks to Internet and the social networks, they are no borders anymore.

And about you in particular, did you expect to get the opportunity to perform in Europe?
Sure, if there is any good opportunity to offer me; it was this tour. I would like to perform more in Europe.

The language barrier doesn't scare you? What's the key, the solution, apart your Facebook page, to communicate with your foreign fans?
Not at all, it's fun. I learn it from my work and friends, read messages and letters from fans; it’s interesting if you understand each other. I try to communicate as much as I can, when I have time, I always learn the vocabulary of different languages.

What are the places you would like to visit during the tour if you have free time?
I don’t think I will have enough time to go out and visit during the tour. But if I could, I would like to visit any touristic and fun places.

What are the countries where you would like to perform soon?
Where I haven’t been before, also I would like to go back to Asia and Latin American for my next tour.

What are your projects for the future? Is there any unknown domain you would like to experience?
I have a lot of plans for 2014, albums, dramas, movies... 2014 will be a very busy year. There are many fields I would like to experience, but those above are my first priority for the moment.

Thank you very much for your replies. To finish, could you leave a message to your French fans?
(In French) Hello, my name is Park Jung Min!
I will be in Paris soon. I'm looking forward to see you soon!

Many thanks to Park Jung Min and Charlotte Naudin (B7Klan) for this interview.

Please find the French version of this interview by clicking on the image above!

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