6 novembre 2013

ONE OK ROCK on 29th October 2013 at Melkweg (Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS)


The announcement regarding ONE OK ROCK's tour in Europe was big good news. Indeed, European fans were waiting this visit for many years. Initially, for the first European tour Who are you?? Who are we??, ONE OK ROCK was scheduled to perform in three countries only: Germany, England and France. But thanks to the good sales, all the dates were quickly sold out. So, for the fans that missed to get a ticket, some changements occurred: venue change for the concert in Germany, new date in Paris at Le Trianon, and surprise for Netherlands! A concert was added in Amsterdam and therefore this new date was the one which closed this Europe tour after the live at Le Bataclan (Paris).

Thus, before continue the tour in Asia where concerts in South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan were expected, ONE OK ROCK had a stop in the capital of Netherlands on October 29th, 2013.
At the Melkweg, the venue, many fans were here to attend the live, including dozen of French fans. Indeed, the live in Amsterdam was not sold out, so the French promoter B7Klan gave to these Clockers from France the last opportunity to see ONE OK ROCK on stage by arranging a travel by bus from Paris.

At 7:30 PM, the gates finally opened, and the fans, drenched because of the rain, were happy to enter. After buying a T-shirt, sweat or a sticker with a poster at the merchandising, everybody ran inside the hall to get the best place near the stage. The Melkweg is like a nightclub; there were a floor standing area and little balconies from each side. While looking forward for the show to begin, people were looking at the giant banner of the band and listening rock background music. In the same time, Staff was adjusting the instruments.

8:30 PM: the show started! Lights were switched off, and the intro from the last album Jinsei x Boku = began to play. Tomoya, Ryota, Toru and Taka entered on stage, in front of their crazy fans, ready to set on fire the hall. The stage stayed almost dimmed for few minutes, while Taka was singing the first part of Ending Story??. We could barely see his silhouette. Some intimidating murmurs and then the tempo sped up when the audience heard the impressive sound of the instruments under dynamic lighting. Ryota and Toru were overexcited, Tomoya hit his drums like a mad monster, and Taka proved his vocal's incredible power while he was screaming in his mic. This beginning was like a hurricane, and far to be a meaning of an ending. Ending Story? Certainly not! The audience joined quickly the parade; people were clapping their hands during Deeper Deeper and raising up theirs arms during Nothing Helps when Taka encouraged them to get up and scream louder.

After these three powerful songs, the band played the first ballad of the set, C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h, to enable the audience to rest. But everybody kept singing. It was a short break because once Taka talked for the first time with the crowd; he encouraged it again to be crazier. With positive responses from the fans, Tomoya began to play his drums solo to introduce Let's Take it Someday. And Let's Take it Someday means everybody knelt! It's a ritual at every live of the band in Japan, and it would have been too bad if this ritual had been forgotten for this first European tour. So Taka asked to kneel down and then jump as high as possible. He counted; 3, 2, 1, JUMP! The crowd jumped at every chorus with enthusiasm, in same time as the boys.

About the atmosphere, we could say it was totally crazy (and this word is low to really describe it). And it stayed like that during all the night. The set list was the same for every dates of the tour. ONE OK ROCK played his best tracks, made for lives, and selected among the three last albums, Niche Syndrome, Zankyou Reference, and Jinsei x Boku =. Too bad that the old songs (for example, Etcetera, Koi no Aibou Kokoro no Cupid, Yume Yume...) weren't added, but the playlist is always too short when we want to select all the best songs, because they are too numerous. Moreover, ONE OK ROCK is a band which totally rocks the stage. Despite the members were a bit tired because of the previous lives of the tour, they were still very energetic like the fans that were receptive. Ryota and Toru jumped and headbanged, made guitar/bass battles in front of the drums, interchanged their position to interact with the crowd as much as possible. Tomoya seemed to be far from us behind his drums, but his karma and energy were enough strong and stately to reach and affect the audience. Taka, who just had to hold his mic fixed to a lengthy red cable that he launched in the air with amusement, often jumped from and on the platform, sometimes doing the splits in the air, and came to the edge of the stage, doing deep eyes contact with the stupefied fans. Despite the gap between the stage and the first row, the fans had never felt so close to the band. They could almost touch the members. They tried to do it every time one of them was near.


ONE OK ROCK also showed his deepest emotions. Because yes. This band has the incredible skill which is to interpret his feelings and communicate through his songs. Be the Light was the proof. And while Taka and the audience were singing together, the fans switched on their cellphones, making white lights. ONE OK ROCK is the Light, Clockers are the shining stars. This magic moment became the peak of the performance.

Fury and frenzy were quickly back in every soul when ONE OK ROCK sped up again the tempo with NO SCARED and Re:make and to finish the last track The Beginning. Taka introduced the song by making the same promise as previous concerts, "It's The Beginning, we will come back!". A beginning where we don't want to see the end.

The members then left the stage after one hour and half live. Immediately, fans called for an Encore, screaming Wohoo Hoho Hoho like in the song Answer is Near. The band didn't wait more and came back for few more minutes. After a short speech, the members performed Wherever You Are. To show their gratitude, the fans waved a paper sheet. We could read the message "ありがとう" ("thank you" in Japanese). The boys said thank you too and came to the edge of the stage to shake some hands. It was also at this time that the fans threw flags, banners and other gifts, including mysterious handcuffs in pink fur which surprised Taka. The singer said "OMG!" with an amused face before handcuffing the poor Toru who had never asked anything. Rather than finish the night with emotion and tears, the end of ONE OK ROCK's European tour ultimately ended with humor and joy. The boys were happy to have performed outside Asia and fans will never forget this amazing and wonderful concert in Amsterdam.


Thus the adventure ended. First European tour, six dates and nearly 6,000 fans in total. ONE OK ROCK did his overseas tour with success. European fans will remember these madness and emotional moments until the next European concerts. Taka did the promise, the band will come back. So, we just have to wait as long as we can, until a new announcement. In the meantime, ONE OK ROCK will continue to perform abroad. Early 2014, the band will be on tour in the USA. To be continued.


Introduction ~Where idiot should go~
Ending Story??
Deeper Deeper
Nothing Helps
Let's Take it Someday
Jibun ROCK (じぶんROCK)
Clock Strikes
Be The Light
Answer is Near (アンサイズニア)
Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer (完全感覚Dreamer)
The Beginning


Wherever You Are

Special thanks to the management of ONE OK ROCK and B7Klan for the pictures.

Please find the French version of this live report by clicking on the image above!

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