11 juin 2013

CNBLUE on 25th and 26th May 2013 at Jamsil Indoor Stadium (Seoul, SOUTH KOREA)

© CNBLUE / FNC Entertainment

After their successful comeback in January with their mini-album Re:BLUE, the South Korean band CNBLUE, created by FNC Entertainment, embarked on their first world tour, BLUE MOON in early April to meet as many fans as they could. For this tour, the goal is to perform not only in Asia, but also in Australia, America and Europe though no tour dates have been released yet for the latter two regions. Following their successful concerts in Taiwan, Singapore, Bangkok (Thailand) and Hong Kong, the band has come home to Korea for their fifth stop of the tour.

CNBLUE was scheduled to perform at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium, in Seoul on the 25th and 26th of May. Many Boice were there to attend the two lives, including many of their foreign fans. The majority of fans hailed from Korea but there were many from Japan and even a handful of some traveled all the way from America and Europe, just to attend the concerts. We could see that several generations of fans were represented and also many fan-boys made their presence known.

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Unlike concerts held in Europe, the sale of concert goods started a few hours before showtime outside of the concert hall. Open from noon, the stand offers various BLUE MOON related products such as towels, light-sticks, T-shirts, posters, and also special goods designed by the band members themselves. The special pricing and rarity of the items make them 'must haves' for fans who feel compelled to buy as many items as they can carry.

© † Parasite Scene † - Kimi

Soon the doors opened quietly allowing people to start entering in order of ticket number. Inside the stadium, we discovered the main stage had a round front stage which separated the floor standing area in three parts. Ultimately, 12,000 people attended the events over the two nights, though the standing floor area didn’t seem very full. One detail we wouldn’t forget, in Korea, the standing zone is never overcrowded to enable everybody to have their own free space and to avoid fainting and discomfort.
There was a good atmosphere felt by the audience. While we waited for the show to begin, we passed the time by listening to the pop-rock background music comprised of Coldplay, Maroon 5 and Bon Jovi tracks that played on the overhead speakers. Before we knew it, a video introducing the CNBLUE SCHOOL project was broadcasted followed by a message from the band. As a reminder, CNBLUE decided to donate profits of the world tour to build a second school in Africa. It was also possible for people who attended the lives to donate to help the accomplishment this new project.

At 6 PM, the hall became dimmed and the fans’ light-sticks were switched on, creating a wonderful blue ocean of light. Doors opened on the stage to let us see the screen broadcasting an introductory video. A sweet lullaby began to play and then we could see the blue moon shining in the night sky where the members’ faces appeared, setting off screams from the audience. The tempo sped up; guitar riffs and loud beats resonated before Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk and Jungshin entered on stage. A first video which let know what was going to happen: a wonderful show for the eyes and for the ears!

© CNBLUE / FNC Entertainment

Then it happened, CNBLUE’s set-list started off strongly with the English version of Where you are and its’ awesome guitar riffs. Waves of red light spread from behind the stage and green laser beams were projected to all sides of the stadium. It was a smashing beginning; CNBLUE impressed the audience by revealing their true rock side following up with Get Away and One Time. Each track was more powerful than the last, thanks to amazing guitar riffs similar to ones heard during the lives of BLUE NIGHT which were held on December 2012. Jonghyun, like a crazy boss, played guitar with incredible strength, while the other members performed with the same energy.

© CNBLUE / FNC Entertainment

The stage production was flawless and was directed very well. In addition to the rearrangement and the power of the live versions of the songs, the huge room was full of bright lighting and fireworks which surprised the audience. The boys would run to the front stage often. While Yonghwa stayed at his mic to sing, Minhyuk’s drums moved to the edge of the main stage thanks to a movable platform, to enable him to be closer to his fans despite of his stationary drummer position.

The other thing that made this concert amazing was the performance of the band. Since their debut, CNBLUE became more and more confident on stage and have learned how to keep the show going from beginning to end at every concert. The four boys played with pleasure and enthusiasm and seemed to enjoy the performance along with their fans which were singing, dancing and waving their light-sticks along with the music. Yonghwa and Jonghyun caught the spectators’ attention with their guitar skills and their smooth voices which, despite their vocal differences, fit perfectly together for songs like Get Away or In my head. Yonghwa, like a great leader (and seducer), used his words and actions to increase the power of the screams heard from the audience. Jonghyun didn’t do as much fan-service but his melodies were enough to reveal his charm. Minhyuk beat on his drums with excitement. Even if he was the most discreet, Jungshin was able to excite the crowd and performed his rap successfully behind his bassist position.

It was the first concert of the year in Korea for the band. So the members talked a lot with the fans during their break times. But these breaks were often too long when the threads turned to jokes and uninteresting topics even if the audience laughed a lot. (We were happy to learn that Jungshin broke his tooth after eating meat and that Yonghwa started playing golf...)

© CNBLUE / FNC Entertainment

Thanks to the various music styles found in CNBLUE's discography, the live was divided into different themes. After an energetic rock sound, the band continued with a more funk style with Naran Namja before announcing the party with the combo Have a good night and Wake Up followed by a new drum and guitar solo, while the crowd clapped their hands. Dance, trance, frenzy. Electric guitars, bass, drums and the great cheers made crazy tonight!
"Party Time" was followed by an emotional sequence including the most beautiful ballad performances. Almost in the dark, Yonghwa stood up behind keyboards to sing feeling. A disco ball turned on, drawing a night sky in the hall. The Emotional leader sang with full passion before Jonghyun joined him for the sensual These Days. And we won’t forget the performance of Love Light while the fans were singing together the chorus and the pearl of Re:BLUE, Lalala, with psychedelic animations on the screen.

© CNBLUE / FNC Entertainment

Each of the two shows reached their climax by pairing up the title songs Intuition, I’m a Loner and I’m sorry. Yonghwa, who was once again in the front stage, interacted with the fans while he danced. Boice didn’t forget to do the fanchants at every song in the crazy atmosphere. Afterwards, the band finally left the stage.

For the encore, a new video started, giving the impression that another concert was going to kick off and finally, the curtain fell at the beginning of Hey you. CNBLUE played LOVE to You’ve fallen for me full of energy for the last time. During LOVE, Yonghwa divided the hall into two parts and everyone shouted "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE", and then "clap, clap, clap". Yonghwa also encouraged the audience to do a wave for fun between tracks.
For the second date on 26th May, Boice wanted to make a present by waving banners during You’ve fallen for me. We could read on the messages "CNBLUE 너에게 반했어♥" ("CNBLUE we’ve fallen for you ♥") and "CNBLUE 나도 널 사랑해♥" ("CNBLUE we love you ♥").
The concerts finally ended with the sweet notes of Try again, Smile again. The boys decided to pose for an impromptu photoshoot and everybody took out their cameras and smartphones to take pictures. CNBLUE’s members also took a picture memory with the audience before saying goodbye.

A special surprise for the second show. As fans were calling for another encore, CNBLUE finally came back on stage for a double encore which was not scheduled. The band successfully extended the pleasure of the crowd by improvising a cover of Home, a short version of These Days this time with Jonghyun at the keyboard, and finished off with another rendition of I'm Sorry, performed full of madness.

© CNBLUE / FNC Entertainment

For more than two hours, the walls of the Jamsil Indoor Stadium vibrated with CNBLUE’s best songs, recent and old. Even though we missed some songs that are usually only sung in Japanese and not scheduled on the set-list like Time is over (played at BLUE NIGHT), Come on, Robot, and also their latest release, Blind Love). However, they were two successful lives with lot of surprises and performances that were full of energy. CNBLUE marked these days with their biggest live to date, with many effects and a perfect stage production. This world tour will brand CNBLUE’s history and will continue to other countries in Asia, including Philippines and China. If a BLUE MOON concert is scheduled in Europe, you should take part of it!


Where you are (English version)
Get Away (Korean version)
One time
Nalan Namja
Coffee Shop
Have a good night
Wake up
Love light
These Days (Korean version)
Y, why... (Korean version)
Just Please (Korean version)
In my Head (Korean version)
I'm a Loner
I'm Sorry


Hey you
You've fallen for me
Try again, Smile again

DOUBLE ENCORE (26th May only)

Home (Michael Bublé)
These Days
I'm Sorry

Original article by Kimi. Edit by Mari (ColorMeCNBLUE).

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